Talent Management

"Senior managers will stay with a company only if they feel it has the right culture and provides them with self-fulfilment, a sense of accomplishment and fun." says the latest research from Henley Management College on talent management.

However, what about the flip side of the coin?  What do companies expect of their managers?......

"A company will keep its senior managers only if it feels that they fit in with its culture (values) and provide it with business acclaim, financial success and dynamism."

Two outlooks with a common goal but how can these be reconciled in a corporate environment so that companies and their people can work together to achieve their desired objectives?

A key element in addressing this issue is to provide a language for talent management that enables the component skills, values, behaviours and experiences to be defined in a systematic and consistent format that can be utilised as the basis for communication and talent development.

Scionics provides innovative software that supports practical talent management, together with development of skills and competence, based around adaptable corporate or departmental frameworks and individual development plans.

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